Visual Identity: Psychology and Imagination – in colour
Graphic Design: For an instinctive brand recall
Creative Advertising: Messages that make one resonate
Space Design and Events: Smart and effective brand deployment

Psychology and Imagination – in color: At Owlsurf Digital, we understand the power of visual identity in leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Our creative strategy begins with a deep dive into the psychology of colors and the imagination of our audience. By strategically selecting colors that evoke the desired emotions and associations, we craft visual identities that resonate with our clients’ target demographics. Whether it’s a vibrant palette that exudes energy and excitement or a minimalist approach that conveys sophistication and trust, every hue is carefully chosen to reinforce our clients’ brand values and personality. Through meticulous attention to detail and innovative design techniques, we create visual identities that captivate the senses, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers.

Case Study


Despite being a well-established player in the packaging industry, the company faced the challenge of limited digital visibility and struggled to effectively communicate its brand values to potential customers.

The creative strategy devised by Owlsurf Digital for A leading packaging company in India aimed to revitalize the company’s brand presence and engage a broader audience through innovative digital approaches. We focused on capturing the company’s core values of reliability, innovation, and sustainability through visually appealing content. This content showcased the company’s  commitment to innovation and sustainability in packaging solutions. Additionally, interactive campaigns such as polls, quizzes, and challenges were developed to foster engagement and interaction with the audience, particularly around topics related to packaging and sustainability. Leveraging user-generated content further amplified the brand’s reach and built a sense of community among followers. Overall, the strategic integration the company’s core values into creative initiatives not only increased brand visibility but also fostered meaningful connections with customers, laying a strong foundation for long-term success in the digital landscape


Increased Brand Visibility: Owlsurf Digital’s efforts resulted in a significant increase in brand visibility. The company experienced a 2.6 million impressions, indicating a broader reach across digital platforms.

Expanded Audience Reach: The prominent packaging company in India’s social media presence saw substantial growth, with a 35% increase in followers within just three months. Additionally, their profile reach expanded to 2.1 million, reflecting enhanced visibility among potential customers.

Improved Engagement: Owlsurf Digital’s content strategy led to a 3x higher click-through rate on social content, indicating increased engagement and interest from the audience. Moreover, the company witnessed a 40% higher organic lead generation, highlighting the effectiveness of its digital activities in driving conversions.